Businesses survive all year long on the revenues earned from failed New Year’s resolutions. How many times have you created health goals at the beginning of the year only to find yourself back into your unhealthy habits early in February? Dr. Daniel Leonard of Central Ohio Spine and Joint would like to share with you a few tips to ensure a healthy 2015.

1. Find a support group- whether your goals include weight-loss, fitness, or general health, having the assurance and motivation of other like-minded people will help you achieve your goal. Programs like weightwatchers and group fitness achieve results due to the group setting. Remember, everyone starts at a certain point, so if you are nervous about getting in front of people remember most in that room needed help to start just like you.

2. Set realistic goals- I am a big supporter of creating high goals, yet goals that are attainable. Losing 100 pounds over a three-month time period is not a realistic goal and will only frustrate most people when they do not achieve it. Set a realistic goal like eating healthy 70% of your week, leaving 30% to small indulgences. Once you successfully attain 70% you will find yourself choosing better foods more and more. That percentage will rise before you know it!

3. Hire a coach- this is probably the most important tip for the New Year.  A reliable health coach can help you set realistic goals, help you through small stumbles, and ultimately help you achieve whatever it is you’re going for. Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint we provide services including nutritional consultations, full comprehensive blood analysis, and fitness programs. Also, we have partnered with some of the best Wellness Companies in Central Ohio to provide exceptional coaching programs.

Be on the lookout for one of our group coaching workshops coming soon!

Bonus tip- if you create goals around optimal health, secondary goals like weight-loss will inevitably take care of themselves. Eating and exercising for “health” not diet will create a long-term health. Remember, you only have one life to live, do it for yourself and do it for your family around you. Make 2015 your healthiest year yet!

Again, here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint our services include a wide range of wellness opportunities. Check out our list of services here and let us be a resource for you. We are committed to helping you achieve ultimate health in 2015.