Pregnancy related back pain.

Back pain is a condition that affects a large percentage of our population; in fact research shows over 80% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. A percentage of that is a condition called pregnancy related back pain.  There is great new research in the conservative management of pregnancy related back pain.

Recently, the Cleveland Clinic featured an article outlining their conservative approach including education, manipulation, and exercise to reduce pregnancy related back pain.  They also outlined  the burden of Pregnancy Related Back Pain:

50-80% of pregnant women experience musculoskeletal pain during their pregnancy

85% of women who experienced low back pain during a previous pregnancy will have low back pain during the next pregnancy

In one large US study 85% of women reported they had not received any treatment for pain during their pregnancy.  Of the 50% who were treated only 10% were satisfied with their symptom relief.

A great study from the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology was released in 2013 that looked at standard obstetrics care for low back pain and a multimodal approach. The multimodal approach included manual therapy, stabilization exercises, and patient education.

To summarize a multimodal approach, low back pain and pelvic pain in mid-pregnancy benefits patient’s more than standard obstetrics care.

Combination of services outlined in this great research article are standard techniques we utilize on a daily basis here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint.

The joys of pregnancy should not be clouded by ongoing pain. With great research like this, we feel we should have the opportunity to manage a large percentage of the people dealing with back pain in pregnancy.  If you know of anyone experiencing pain related to pregnancy, please give them this information as we would love the opportunity to help them attain relief through this joyous time.