We pride ourselves on getting patients out of pain very quickly. We are blessed with the opportunity to work with not only a routine but also complex cases, as it is not unusual to have patients that consult our office with 4-5 chronic disorders, like diabetes and heart disease.  In a lot of these cases, these chronic conditions are magnifying or accelerating the pain that patients usually consult our office for.  These complex cases demand a combination of health services in order to truly make a positive change.

I have been working hard to add complementary services to our office to meet these demands. I am pleased to announce a partnership with Vidafit Health and Fitness, a mobile health company. Our patients will now have access to a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainers and other Health Coaches in order to address chronic health conditions, weight loss issues, hormonal imbalances, and all other chronic health concerns.

Introducing our Registered Dietitian
Starting immediately our patient will have access to one of the top dietitians in Columbus.  I would like to introduce Nawal Al Nouri, RD and Health Coach, she received her undergrad and masters degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in nutrition science. In addition to providing nutritional counseling for clients, Nawal teaches nutrition classes, leads grocery store tours, and provides in-home kitchen coaching, blogging, and more. Currently she also serves as a clinical dietitian at St. Anne’s Hospital.

We have already had a number of family physicians start to refer their patients into our office for Nutritional Counseling.

Nawal has already had the opportunity to work with a number of our patients and the results are amazing! Here are two recent examples…

Patient 1: Randy C. – Randy has been a severe diabetic for a number of years, his hemoglobin A-1 C prior to starting was 10.2. Over a three month time-frame of nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching Randy’s levels dropped to 7.2, with only dietary changes, no additional medication. This is life changing!

Patient 2: Patti P. – Patti has suffered for years with fibromyalgia, weight gain, and diabetes. After three sessions she reports significant change in her body pain and a 27 pound weight loss. She has made serious life changes and will continue to lose weight and improve her health.

Common conditions Nawal helps manage with nutritional counseling:


-Heart disease

-High Cholesterol



-Obesity/weight gain

-IBS and other digestive conditions

-Performance health

To schedule a consultation with Nawal please call the office at 614-392-2732 

We will be offering a limited time discount to the first 10 patients who call to schedule a consultation- you do not want to miss out!