As a member of the Westerville Community, Central Ohio Spine and Joint frequently has the opportunity to present of different health topics.A few weeks back I was asked to speak to the Mount Caramel Family Medicine Residency program about the conservative management of disc disorders (disc herniations, disc bulges, sciatica).  I will be presenting next week on this very topic. This is very exciting for myself and Central Ohio Spine and joint in two ways.

1. This provides an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with area Medical Doctors.  We are fortunate to be positioned as a great resource for local Family Doctors, Surgeons, and Pain Management Doctors. Over half of our referrals come from medical doctors. Any time we have the opportunity to educate other physicians on the vast treatment options we provide it is great, especially when it concerns a condition like disc herniation’s. We commonly see these injuries come into the office and we are able to help patients recover and relive pain quickly.

2. I am constantly attempting to refine my skills and learn how to become the best physician possible. With this opportunity it has allowed me to spend the last month researching what is new in the area of management of disc herniation’s.  Knowledge is always power. One of the things I love most about my job is the continued need to learn and develop.

We will always be at the forefront of care in order to provide our patients the most outcomes driven, patient-centered approach around.

This is a great opportunity and I am very excited. I plan to create a three-part series on this very topic so that I can share the information on the blog.  Hundreds of people every day suffer from conditions like this our goal is to not only educate people on making the right treatment decision but also be at the top of the list to provide this care.

Stay tuned, great information to follow!