3 Tips For Managing Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis typically presents as foot or heel pain.  Patients will often have increased pain in the mornings with the first step out of bed.  It can make it difficult to be on your feet for longer periods of time and wear certain types of shoes.

Options for treatment often include a combination of orthotics, medication, injections, night splints, dry needling, and physical therapy. 

The keys to successfully managing plantar fasciitis are to calm down any inflamed or irritated tissue, improve mobility in the foot and ankle, and restore functional strength and movement in the foot, hips, and core. 

Below are 3 tips for managing plantar fasciitis; the first tip will help calm down irritated soft tissue, the 2nd tip will help improve foot and ankle mobility, and the 3rd tip will help restore functional strength

Tip 1:  Use an ice cup to massage the bottom of the foot (5min 2-3x a day) and use a lacrosse ball to massage the bottom of the foot (1-2min 2-3x a day)  

Tip 2: Perform Runners Calf Stretch  2-3x a day to improve calf mobility

Tip 3: Perform Glute Bridge, Side Band Walk, and Single Leg Heel Tap  1x a day to improve functional strength and movement