Out in the community again! As Veteran’s Day was this Friday, their celebration was carried all weekend as it should be. The Westerville Rotary hosted their annual 5K Walk & Run and Central Ohio Spine and Joint was invited as the race’s injury prevention and treatment tent. Dr. Stefan, accompanied by his chiropractic assistant, Riggins, was able to move about the race festivities on a more supportive note this go ’round. The morning was much colder than we are used to yet and most of our runners moved from car to race and back to car. As we know, running in cold weather is new to us right now so please be sure to take care of yourself with a proper warm up and stretching routine. What did not go unnoticed was the beautiful sunrise on the water and the presence of Red, White and Blue everywhere from flags to hats to shorts to even a full body suit by one spirited runner! This is always a great event and hosted at a great location for a wonderful cause. We always encourage proper exercise at COSJ but doing it for this reason makes it that much easier.

We look forward to help and support at this event next year and if there are any events you think we would like to help out at as well, please let us know!