Neck and back pain have reached all-time highs, as continues research demonstrate that up to 80% of the population will experience these symptoms within their life time. Every day here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint we have the opportunity to help patients manage the symptoms of neck pain and tightness. While the treatment options we provide here are extremely effective the daily stress and mechanical load on the spine is a huge factor. What most people do not give enough credit for is the amount of stress and strain prolonged sitting can place on the body and spine.

Not only is prolonged sitting terrible for your spine but also your over health. Recent reports have described sitting as worse to your overall health than smoking. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the workforce is forced to sit for prolonged periods of time anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day. One effect sitting can have on the neck is what is called upper cross syndrome.  Upper cross syndrome has been described in the research for years and is known as muscle imbalance around the neck that can result in a mechanical overload on the cervical spine.

The good news is there are easy exercises that can be performed throughout the day the can help minimize the load placed on the spine.  Part of the reason why our office is so effective in managing these conditions is we are able to teach our patients how to self-manage on their own. We teach exercises, stretches, and ways to unload the spine.

Here is a video of a simple exercise we teach our patients that you can perform throughout the day to offset the stress and strain on your neck when sitting.

As with any exercise if you were experiencing any pain please consult a physician prior to continuing.

Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint we are committed to not only helping patients get out of pain fast but also educating them on the most effective ways to help manage conditions on their own.