Recently, the Harvard Health Publishing released an article, in their monthly letter, citing the first and most efficient method of relief for low back pain is to see a chiropractor or your primary care physician. Most patients want to jump to seeing a specialist of some sort and end up waiting 2 months to get an appointment when in the meantime, they could have been treated effectively by a skilled chiropractic physician.

Our society continues to be more sedentary at work and this in turn increases the incidence of back pain. The rise in opioid use is due to the fact, most people do not make a change to their pattern or environment but instead, lean on the NSAID or muscle relaxer which eventually does not help with the pain.

Check out the article here

Don’t wait for the specialist appointment, get in to see your chiropractor or primary care physician ASAP. If the injury needs further assessment, they will get you to the right place!