Dr. Daniel Leonard of Central Ohio Spine and Joint addressed the Florida-based IMG Academy’s baseball instructors last month with colleague Dr. Brett Winchester from St. Louis, MO. The IMG Academy boasts a 500-acre campus where the most promising athletes from across the world come to study and reach their athletic potential. Since its inception, the IMG Academy as trained athletes who have won 131 All Stars, 63 MVP Awards, 22 World Championships, 5 National Titles, 2 Heisman Trophies, 889 Tournaments, 107 Major Championships and 11 Olympic Medals.

During their time at IMG, Dr. Leonard and Dr. Winchester had the opportunity to present to the coaching staff on topics of therapeutic interventions for the throwing athlete.  The doctors addressed the multitude of factors that can result in injury—including musculoskeletal imbalances, poor biomechanics and mental barriers—and how to comprehensively assess throwing athletes to treat identified weak links.

“Having the opportunity to work with elite athletes from facilities like IMG allows our staff to assess and study the peak of human potential,” said Dr. Daniel Leonard. “The great thing about our office is you do not need to be an elite athlete, we give all of our patients the same quality of care in order to meet their individual health needs.”