I always get a small chuckle when I hear someone say “I don’t believe in chiropractic care”.  “My mother’s, cousins, uncle’s, ex-wife’s, step-son had a really bad experience with a chiropractor so ever since I do not believe in what you do.” Most of the time I do not blame people for their thoughts, we as a profession have done some really stupid things in the past, but like any profession there are some really bad ones and some really good ones. I would like to think we consistently get classified by the people we help out of pain, as one of the good ones.

I always get an awkward look when someone tells me they do not believe in chiropractic care and my joking response goes like this “well good thing we are not a religion and require your belief.”

Let me ask you this…

Do you believe in…

The most thorough evaluation you have ever had, including a neurological, orthopedic, movement, and psychological assessment?

Treatment based on the current literature and current treatment guidelines?

Do you believe in…

Care that is directed at addressing not only your pain but the reason you developed pain?

Re-evaluating you after a short period of time to determine the need to continue, modify, or refer out for care?

Collaboration with other physicians in order to provide the best healthcare team possible?

Do you believe in…

Feeling better, saving money on healthcare, taking control of your own health, exercising, eating right, having a positive mental attitude, doing the things you want because you are out of pain?

At this point I have usually lost the person I am talking to and my fiancée has bruised my arm trying to get me to stop.  Bottom line, this is what we provide every day in the clinic.  I do not have time to try and convince people to “believe” in the services I provide, all my energy goes towards those that are ready to get out of pain.  Do you know someone that “doesn’t believe”, but believes in suffering from constant pain? I challenge you to go out and use these lines on that person.  Tell them the results you received from our care, and challenge them to give us a try.

Along with all insurances, we are also in network with all skeptics!

Eat, move and live, better!