Throughout my career here in Columbus, OH, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of patients, from simple sprain strain injuries to patients with a 25 year history of chronic pain. It is very humbling to work with people that have suffered years with chronic pain. Simple chores like getting out of bed, something you and I do without even thinking about it, can be very difficult for someone in chronic pain.  Imagine a life that is centered on your pain.

Research over the last decade in the area of chronic pain has really progressed. Each day we are learning better ways to help people manage and live with their chronic pain. Early in my practice I was blown away how a patient could enter my office with a broken bone and not even know but another patient with seemingly nothing wrong be crippled by their pain.

What we do know is pain is much deeper than the feeling you get when tissues are damaged in your body. Emotions, prior experiences, fears, and chemical imbalances all are opponents to the expression of pain. This is a very difficult concept to not only grasp, but try to explain to that patient that has suffered chronic pain for years.

The combination of services we provide here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint are some of the most well researched techniques for managing chronic pain.  Movement therapy, acupuncture, massage, manipulation, and exercise all have positive research for the management of chronic pain.  Everyday we have the opportunity to help people live their life with less pain.

The reason I am writing this article is in regards to a video I ran across the other day.  This is one of the better explanations I have found on why people experience pain differently, and how our brain responds to it.

If you know someone that suffers from pain please pass this along. Enjoy!