This past weekend, Dr. Daniel Leonard had the opportunity to assist in presenting on baseball development to at the illustrious IMG academy in Bradenton Florida. The IMG Academy boasts a 500-acre campus where the most promising athletes from across the world come to study and reach their athletic potential. Since its inception, the IMG Academy as trained athletes who have won 131 All Stars, 63 MVP Awards, 22 World Championships, 5 National Titles, 2 Heisman Trophies, 889 Tournaments, 107 Major Championships and 11 Olympic Medals.

Dr. Leonard along with colleagues Dr. Brett Winchester and Dr. Michael Rintala, they presented on topics including throwing biomechanics, armcare, strength and conditioning, and baseball performance enhancement. Attendees included physicians, trainers and strength conditioning specialist from collegiate and professional programs throughout the country.

Dr. Leonard is currently in the process of helping IMG Academy Baseball develop a cutting-edge throwing, arm care and strength and conditioning program. We look forward to bringing the same processes back to Central Ohio to help local baseball athletes develop their skills.