Back spasms can be a significant cause of pain, discomfort, and disability for people of Columbus. In fact, research states that over 80% of people will experience back pain at one point within their life and around 18% of family physician appointments are due to back pain.

If you have never experienced back spasms, it is like a bolt of lightning at times. Typically, people describe it as “locking” or their back “going out”. There are a number of different reasons why you may experience back spasms. The muscles within the back will go into spasm as the result of a protective mechanism, for a greater underlying cause.  Although it may not feel like it, this is your body’s way of trying to protect other structures within the spine.
Other common conditions, like facet joint irritation and spinal disc irritation, can result in back spasms. These will typically be at the root cause of the problem, and if not addressed, back spasms may continue to reoccur.

How can chiropractic help?

Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint, our goal is to identify the underlying root cause of our patients’ pain.  In a typical back spasm case, we can identify if either facet joint irritation or a disc issue is involved. The combinations of services we utilize here have continued to be researched as the top options for managing these conditions.  Our thorough evaluation process helps us identify why your back is in spasm and in most cases we can provide care relief on day one.

We get patients out of pain quick.

One distinct advantage of the services we utilize, is the ability to minimize our patients’ pain quickly. It is not uncommon for our patients to walk out of their first appointment in less pain. We also recommend home-based stretches and exercises that we teach our patients to manage their pain throughout the day.

Here is an example of one of our patients who recently came in with severe back spasms. With only one treatment you can see the difference in his posture and his pain reporting was 50% less.