Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint we pride ourselves on not only the ability to get people out of pain fast but also keeping these injuries from returning. If we examine why people sustain injuries a large percentage of the time we see poor movement quality as a foundation.  Being able to identify these movement inefficiencies is vital in minimizing the risk of injuries returning and maximizing athletic development. We offer patients of Columbus the full package!

When our patients reach the point where their pain has resolved we either discharge them with at-home exercises or we work to integrate them into a post rehab training program.  We have been very fortunate to partner with our good friend and strength and conditioning specialist, Jeff Turner of FitoPlay.  Jeff has provided our patients with post recovery movement training and strength conditioning over the past few years.

I wanted to highlight a recent patient at our clinic who was originally referred to our office for low back pain.  After evaluating his body mechanics it was very evident he needed to work on fundamental movements and body mechanics. He was just about to start playing lacrosse and was really hoping to start running faster than last year. Once his pain had resolved he was referred to Jeff to focus on the quality of movements and get him ready for his season.  It is almost a guarantee if he were to continue with his old movement habits he would continue to get injury and his athletic potential would be limited.

I asked to Jeff to give us a short review of this patient so check it out below!  I cannot recommend Jeff’s services enough as we have seen firsthand the quality of work he does with our patients.

Kids are often labeled slow, uncoordinated, and unathletic when they look a little off when they play. That’s an inaccurate statement!

By focusing on position we increase performance and minimize injury. In fact, your position dictates function, ability and ultimately performance.

Look at his body position on the right. He’s hunched over, leaning with his head, foot strike was in a position causing him to run with the brakes on…literally, each foot strike was causing a braking action. Inefficient arm drive and knee drive were adding to his “running with the brakes on” We can also see lack of trunk (core) stability.

The picture on the left is efficient all the way around. He’s faster, quicker, and can plant, cut, and change directions efficiently (under control). Same kid — different athlete.

We changed his mechanics in a matter of minutes, and the new patterns stuck after 30 days of deliberate practice — he also did a little at-home-work.

We also introduced strength training by starting with crawling, climbing, lifting and carrying stuff. He progressed at his own pace, and was working in a group with other kids.

When we break down the movements, correct, then layering back into proper patterns, we allow the trainee to grow into their natural ability.

By starting with a framework based on fundamental movement skills we set the stage for better athleticism and a lifetime of physical activity.

Jeff Turner is the owner of Fit2play, he is a is a Movement, Strength and Conditioning Coach and has 20+ years in the trenches working with athletes at every level. For more information he can be reached by email