Pregnancy-related pain can range from low back pain, hip pain, and groin pain, to leg pain and beyond. Your baby is continuously growing to bring on a lot of change to your body over a short period of time. As the abdomen grows your normal posture is altered and muscle imbalances occur. These imbalances cause tension and restrictions in the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the pelvis and surrounding areas resulting in pregnancy pain. This added tension on the uterus can bring on difficulties during birth creating longer labor times and pain.

This is where chiropractic care can come into play!

The Webster technique is an International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA) certified Chiropractic pregnancy protocol and treatment. Through a simple assessment, I am able to locate your joint restrictions, tight muscles, and ligaments. Then using gentle manual therapy these restrictions and tensions can be decreased allowing for better movement for the mom and giving your growing baby optimal room for movement. This results in less pain for the mom before, during, and after birth.

Dr. Copeland treating a pregnant mother for ongoing low back pain

As it stands there is no standard treatment for pregnancy musculoskeletal pain and I want to work to change this. There is a lot of evidence and case studies showing how beneficial this type of Chiropractic care can be during pregnancy and it should be a part of the prenatal process. 

Research done by the ICPA states the benefits of using the Webster Technique as follows:

  • Faster labor times
  • Fewer complications during birth
  • Less low back pain during labor
  • Fewer pain killers involved
  • Better milk production postpartum

I hope to help my pregnant moms feel more comfortable and stronger throughout their pregnancy and birth. 

Dr. Nisha Copeland is a Webster Certified Chiropractor here in Westerville, Ohio.