Golf Mechanics – Posture

Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint, Dr. Daniel Leonard educates the patient on the importance of posture.  Posture is essential in almost any aspect of function we talk about.  Whether it is sitting or swinging a golf club, posture plays a huge role.  Posture can either get our tissues into a position that can be detrimental to overload or in an optimal position to create speed and proper muscle function.  Posture is the prerequisite to proper muscle firing and loading.

As most already know, poor posture can lead to muscle and joint overload, early degeneration and pain.

In this quick video we talk about proper position as it relates to the golf swing.  I hope you enjoy! Be on the lookout for more videos in the future.

Dr. Leonard Treats Athletes at the Challenge New Albany Triathlon

This past weekend, Dr. Daniel Leonard and Central Ohio Spine and Joint had the pleasure of working the first Annual Challenge Family Triathlon in New Albany, Ohio. Athletes from 38 states and 4 countries came out to compete in the Olympic distance and half ironman distance (18)

Dr. Leonard worked Friday evening and Saturday getting athletes ready to compete on Sunday. We had the opportunity to work on beginner triathletes all the way up to professionals. It was a great way to showcase our soft tissue treatment options. Back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain were the most common complaints and were due in part to training and position on their bikes.

Pictured here is Dr. Leonard and three Powerbar athletes.

Chiroractic Saturday Hours

The physicians at Central Ohio Spine and Joint provide Saturday hours of chiropractic care for patients of Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, New Albany, Powell and Lewis Center. We are open from 8am-12pm every Saturday.  saturday

Time is by far the number one barrier for patients.  We strive every day to provide the most optimal environment for injury recovery. We have provided Saturday hours for patients for over a year now and it has had nothing but great feedback. We consistently see the importance of offering these hours as patients are working longer and longer throughout the week. If you know of anyone that would benefit from our services especially on the weekends we can provide them with exceptional care.


Exciting Speaking Opportuntiy

As a member of the Westerville Community, Central Ohio Spine and Joint frequently has the opportunity to present of different health topics.A few weeks back I was asked to speak to the Mount Caramel Family Medicine Residency program about the conservative management of disc disorders (disc herniations, disc bulges, sHerniated-Discciatica).  I will be presenting next week on this very topic. This is very exciting for myself and Central Ohio Spine and joint in two ways.

1. This provides an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with area Medical Doctors.  We are fortunate to be positioned as a great resource for local Family Doctors, Surgeons, and Pain Management Doctors. Over half of our referrals come from medical doctors. Any time we have the opportunity to educate other physicians on the vast treatment options we provide it is great, especially when it concerns a condition like disc herniation’s. We commonly see these injuries come into the office and we are able to help patients recover and relive pain quickly.

2. I am constantly attempting to refine my skills and learn how to become the best physician possible. With this opportunity it has allowed me to spend the last month researching what is new in the area of management of disc herniation’s.  Knowledge is always power. One of the things I love most about my job is the continued need to learn and develop.

We will always be at the forefront of care in order to provide our patients the most outcomes driven, patient-centered approach around.

This is a great opportunity and I am very excited. I plan to create a three-part series on this very topic so that I can share the information on the blog.  Hundreds of people every day suffer from conditions like this our goal is to not only educate people on making the right treatment decision but also be at the top of the list to provide this care.

Stay tuned, great information to follow!

The Effect of Carbohydrates Throughout the Day

This past week I was asked to speak to a private business here in Westerville about the topic of Running.  We covered a number of topics including running biomechanics, why runners get hurt and nutrition.  To keep things interesting I asked a colleague of mine to join and help present on the topic of nutrition.  Shawn Ehmann is a Nutritionist and Personal Wellness Coach and the owner of Vidafit, a comprehensive wellness group.  We work exclusively with Vidafit to provide our patients with a comprehensive wellness approach to their health.  One of Shawn’s slides really caught my attention and I wanted to pass it along.

carb out

When I work with my patients on either recovery or general nutrition, there is one aspect I really try and nail home.  With the amount of carbohydrates and sugar the typical person consumes throughout the day, it is almost impossible for people to regulate their sugar and insulin levels.  With fluctuating sugar and insulin levels, comes fat storage and a hormone imbalance.  Without going into the nitty-gritty of biochemistry, bottom-line, in order to maintain health it is essential to regulate/keep your sugar and insulin levels steady throughout the day.

If you see the graph below you can see what happens to the typical person.  They consume a high sugar/high carbohydrate meal which cause a spike in sugar, only to come crashing down.  For most people this is an ongoing process throughout the day.  If you notice the line in the middle “Desired Carb Effect” that runs horizontal, this is optimal.

How do you do this?  There are a couple easy ways to achieve this model.

  1. Choose high quality whole foods..drop the processed foods.
  2. Choose foods that score low on the glycemic index (but are still whole foods!).
  3. Cut out all sugar. Period.  The only form of sugar you should be getting is through fruits.
  4. No grains, especially white floor.  (whole grains can be ok, in moderation)
  5. No vegetable oils.
  6. Exercise!