Chiropractic care is often associated with the singular treatment of manipulation or “adjustments”.  The truth is Chiropractic is a profession not a single treatment option.  Dr. Daniel Leonard has advanced training in not only manipulation but also manual therapy and rehabilitation to name a few.  While manipulation is widely associated it is only a tool in the tool belt.

Motion Palpation and Manipulation

“Motion is medicine to the joint”

Whether it is joints of the spine or extremities, free motion is essential for proper mechanics. Unfortunately, the body has a tendency to produce areas of stiffness and areas of instability. Stiffness typically leads to compensatory motion elsewhere resulting in tissue overload and injury/pain. Motion Palpation is a technique utilized to assess the joint range of mtion. Once areas of stiffness have been identified, depending on the patient, Dr. Leonard has the ability to begin to restore proper motion from a range of gentle mobilization to joint manipulation. Dr. Leonard performed the majority of his training with the Motion Palpation Institute.  What most do not understand is the importance of proper joint motion, is all planes of motion.  While exercise and mobilization can be effective for some, manipulation has the ability to take the joint beyond these ranges of motion, with the goal of restoring proper motion.


Myofascial Release

Whether it is from acute trauma or chronic overload, tissues have a tendency to develop tough, fibrous areas. These areas are not only a source of pain, but also effect the muscle and joint function. Myofascial release is a technique utilized to assess these areas and through assisted active range of motion, begins to reestablish normal tissue quality.