Shawn Ehmann
VidaFit CEO, Co-Founder, Master Trainer and Health Coach
Shawn Ehmann is a business executive turned wellness advocate, entrepreneur, master fitness trainer, nutritionist, published writer, motivational speaker, professor, corporate wellness expert and strategic wellness advisor to several Central Ohio businesses and boards.

With over 15+ years of business consulting and industry experience leading international projects for Fortune 500 companies around the world and a growing family of his own, Shawn understands first-hand what it means to be a perform at the highest level, while at the same time stay healthy and fit. Mastering the science and art of moving, eating, and living well every day is a personal passion. . . as is helping busy people navigate around their personal health challenges to get into (and maintain) the best shape of their life.


Sarah G

Sarah Gabel

Registered & Licensed Dietitian, Health Coach

Sarah graduated from Youngstown State University receiving a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science, majoring in Food and Nutrition. She was also accepted into the Coordinated Program of dietetics which she completed with a community wellness emphasis. Sarah is proud to be a VidaFit team member where she gets the opportunity to provide nutritional counseling to those who need it most, teach nutrition classes, and much more!

Sarah shares a strong passion for wellness, nutrition, and being a health advocate for others. Through all of her experiences she has learned the importance of working together as a team, motivating others, and staying positive through the process. She believes in the importance of eating whole-some, fresh foods to help fuel the body and mind and aims to guide others to a similar healthy lifestyle.