TMJ (Tempormandibular Joint) or TMD (Tampormandibular Dysfunction) is a pain condition that effects the jaw joint and can be associated with neck pain and headaches. TMD often times is also associated with bruxism (grinding), clenching and improper bite mechanics.  Patients also report clicking and popping of the joint associate with TMJ issues.

There is a significant relationship between the cervical spine and the TMJ, and in the clinical setting we usually see the combination of both.  We manage TMJ very conservitivly with the combinations of gentle mobilization, manual therapy, ultrasound, and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization.

Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint we work closely with Dentist in the Columbus area that specialize in the management of TMJ.  At times, a bite guard is required in order to allow better aliment of the jaw and occlusion of the teeth.  When used in combination with the services we provide, even the toughest cases have a chance to improve.

Services that help manage TMJ symptoms: