Pro-EnzFormulated for extended nutritional support of inflammation   management. The combination of bromelain (plant based proteolytic enzymes)   and other key ingredients make it ideal for long term maintenance. Contains   botanicals ginger, turmeric, boswelia and rosemary shown to be mild   inhibitors of COX, Nf-kb and leukotriene synthesis.  Also contains the   lower dose level of the proteolytic enzyme bromelain.  Long term use is   helpful for those suffering with chronic pain and inflammation.paypal


An   all natural pain reliever that can eliminate minor discomforts and allow the   healing process to progress. Just one tablet provides 240 mg of Salicin from   white willow bark. This is the clinically documented amount with proven   results. This natural product is less damaging to the body than traditional   pain relievers. Salizain provides lasting, effective pain relief, thus   allowing for a more timely healing response.paypal
 Zymain ZymainA three part   combination supplement consisting of systemic proteolytic enzymes, nutrients   and minerals that regulate the inflammation process and support soft tissue   repair. Zymain is designed to provide a nutritional foundation to the healing   response following trauma, optimizing injury rehabilitation.paypal
 D3 D3   5,000 IUVitamin D3   (cholecalciferol) in a 5,000 IU microtablet. Provides a higher dose of   vitamin D for more aggressive vitamin D supplementation. Recommended for   patients with low 25(OH)D blood levels who need more than a physiological   dose to replete their vitamin D levels.paypal
 Probiotic Probiotic   Complete***NEW FORMULA   – HIGHER POTENCY, LOWER COST, ONE-A-DAY DOSE, and NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED***   A combination of the important upper and lower digestive tract intestinal   flora: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. A special   polysaccharide matrix delivery system protects the probiotics from stomach   acid to ensure optimum delivery in the gut. This product requires no   refrigeration.paypal
 TRI Adreno TRI   AdrenopanPantothenic   acid based formula designed to assist the body in adapting with prolonged   stress. Proprietary Time Release Ingredient (T.R.I.) technology to maximize   delivery and bioavailability of water soluble nutrients. Each capsule   contains various small beadlets of the vitamin nutrient complex alternately   coated with a nutrient and vegetable layers to allow nutrients to be digested   and released over time replicating the food digestion process. Disintegration   and dissolution tested.paypal
 B12 B-12Reformulated   B12-Plus supplies 1,000 mcg of methylcobalamin (considered to be the active   form of Vitamin B12) in a small, once-daily pleasant-tasting lozenge.paypal
 Essenital Essential   Nutrition Pack Each Essential Nutrition   Pack contains 30 individual packets which contain a disintegration-tested   multi vitamin (1 tablet), concentrated EPA/DHA omega-3 fish oil (2 softgels),   vitamin D3 – cholecalciferol (2 softgels) & magnesium from organic chelate   sources (2 capsules).  The Essential Nutrition Pack is a 1-month supply   of supplements which provide a solid nutritional foundation for your   patients and is most effective when used with the dietary recommendations in   the Nutritional Foundation patient education brochure.Research continually supports the need to bolster a healthy diet with   nutritional supplements to promote health and prevent disease. The supplement   combination contained in the Essential Nutrition Pack helps support the key   biochemical mechanisms of an improved diet and nutritional status;   inflammation reduction, antioxidant protection and cellular energy   production.paypal
 AF betafood AF   BetafoodThe betaine in AF Betafood is   an effective lipotrophic again, which promotes the transportation and use of   fats, helping prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver.paypal
 Thyroid Thyroid   Complex Thyroid complex contains three highly   synergistic herbs: Bladderwrack, Ashwaganda and Bacopa.paypal