Migraine or Migraine Headaches effect thousands of people each each and everyday, some of them debilitating.  Typically migraines will come in different stages and the symptoms associated with each stage can very greatly from patient to patient.

Some patient describe a period of time prior to the actual headache attack where they experience  abnormal symptoms.  These may include but are not limited to neck stiffness, moodiness and irritability.

Once a migraine occurs symptoms usually last anywhere from four to 72 hours (we have had patients in the past that have experienced symptoms for much longer). During an actual episode, symptoms usually include throbbing or pulsing pain, pain on one side of the head, blurred vision, nauseousness and dizziness.  At times patients may even experience vomiting due to the severity of symptoms. overview-migraine-general

Another symptom that is common with migraine is visual disturbances.  Symptoms may include flashes, halos, and vision loss.  These symptoms are more commonly called “aura”.

The great news is there are multiple treatments that research continues to prove value in the management of migraine headaches.  We are fortunate enough to have helped numerous patients over the last few years manage and conquer their migraine symptoms.

Services that help manage migraine headaches.

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