Research continues to support the quality of movement within athletes or even the common individual and the risk of injury and or the potential of performance. Over the last 10 years we have seen significant advances in these screening protocols and as such, professional sports teams have made them a staple of their programs.

Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint we utilize an advanced software program that measures and tracks movement and provides an analysis tool that identifies deficits, risk of injury and areas of performance concerns.  We have been fortunate enough to provide these services to groups like police departments, athletic programs, and everyday patients with in our practice.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Individualized movement evaluation
  • Comparison analysis report deomstrating ressearch benchmarks.
  • Clear decision for return to sport/work/activity
  • Prevent sport injuries using a validated injury prediction algorithm
  • Clear documentation for medical necessity of rehabilitation
  • Decrease injury rates and promote your practice through pre-participation physicals, wellness, and occupational screens
  • Objective reports design specific to your needs

What is involved?

The movement evaluation is made up of three distinct tests.

1. The Functional Movement Screnn (FMS)- Click Here for more information

2. The upper extremity Y-Balance Test- Click Here for more information

3. The lower extremity Y-Balance Test- Click Here for more information

Along with other “screens” this system is the most comprehensive program around for identifying injury risk and performance potential.



Return to Sport/Activity Decisions

Our screening process allows us to work with people from Columbus in order to determine their ability to return to sport/activity.  Many return to sport/activity decisions are frequently based on opinion rather than evidence-based tests. With our computer application, we can now make confident, evidence based return to activity/sport and discharge decisions while managing injury risk.

We help make athletes/patients from Columbus make evidence based return to sport and return to activity decisions by categorizing your injury risk and objectively tracking your progress. It’s a computer application that synthesizes results from proven and popular tests (e.g. Y Balance Test, Functional Movement Screen, Hop Testing) to calculate your  musculoskeletal status specific to the your age, gender, and sport/activity. We does this by using a proprietary algorithm based on years of published research.  It is the only system that has been validated in peer-reviewed literature allowing you to provide the best care for your needs.

Check out a demonstration here 

Pre-Participation Testing

Our system helps identify individuals who are at risk of injury and allows you to better allocate your precious injury prevention resources to those who need them most. It is the only system that has been validated in peer-reviewed literature allowing you to provide the best care for you.