Medically-Integrated Fitness

Whether your goals are to loss weight, get stronger, increase your mobility or enhance your performance, our team of professionals will help you achieve your goals.  Our Medically Integrated Fitness program is designed in order to satisfy the needs of each individual.  This is not just another group training session where you go through the motions, each session is designed specifically for you. As a physician-monitored fitness facility not only are we accustomed to working with clients who are in peak shape, but we are also those clients who have had prior injuries.  We focus on quality of movement and true functional training and truly educating our clients on proper form and movement.

Also, there is a void that exist on integrating those that have suffered from an injury back into fitness.  Whether you suffered a disc herniation or you are recovering from a surgery, what happens once you have completed the rehab process? There should be a program that focuses on integration back to fitness and focuses on proper mechanics of movement. This is exactly where our program comes in!

What makes a MEDICALLY-INTEGRATED facility different?

As a medically-integrated fitness facility, all of our clients are taken through a detailed evaluation prior to starting training and are monitored throughout their journey.  Our physicians will evaluate each client for the following:

  • Movement qualityFMS-Pictures
  • Injury potential
  • Capacity testing
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Endurance


We use the most research movement screens in our evaluation process. We currently use a combination of Functional Movement Screens, Y-Balance tests, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

On-Site Programs

Small Group Personal Training (2-4 clients/1 coach)

Small group training is our core focus and allows us to provide high quality coaching at an affordable rate.  You will get coaching like it is a one-on-one session, in an comfortable yet motivating environment.  Our trainers are able to program each session in order to meet the needs of each client.  Each client will be given exercises as our trainers are able to progress and regress based on the need of the individual.

Functional Mobility (up to 10 clients)

A high percentage of the chronic body pain and injuries we manage here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint would benefit from focused mobility training. In this class you will go through 30-40 minutes of focus active and dynamic stretching, soft tissue mobilization, and positional release. We will teach you how to increase your mobility and flexibility on your own as well.

Functional “Core” Stabilization (up to 10 clients)

“Core” stabilization in a term that has had a lot of attention over the last 10 years in the fitness and rehabilitation industry.  We focus on creating proper stabilization through integration of the central stabilizing system. We focus on concepts of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization in order to maximize stability in the “core”.  You will learn the same exercises that are being taught in professional sports.  This is not just another “situp” and “crunch” session, you will learn how to utilize the core more efficiently.

Golf Fit

In this class the focus will be on increase strength and mobility as it relates to the golf swing. Key areas like the core, thoracic spine and the shoulder will be of focus. Join, former golf pro and current personal trainer Adam Tobias and take your golf game to the next level!

Strength Training For the Endurance Athlete 

This class will be offered twice a week and will focus on developing better stability, flexibility and strength as it relates to running mechanics.

You will be provided with a thorough fitness evaluation, gait analysis and endurance capacity screening in order to develop a baseline for your training. We also use this as an audit process…that means, we can audit in the spring to see improvement, or in the unfortunate case of an injury we have a baseline and can develop strict return to running guidelines. 


Monthly Unlimited: $149/month

One class a week: $55/month

Private Training

With our private training program you will placed with one of our highly skilled trainers who will personally walk you through your individualized program.  Private training is great for those that required a little more in depth, focused attention.  Your program will be designed around your fitness level and health goals.


Single Session: $55

2x a week: $349/month

3x a week: $449/month

Program Development

A lot of the clients and patients we work with are already training on their own but would still like to get recommendations on proper movements and exercises specific to their goals. We offer a customized program design option for these individuals.  You will be taken through the same thorough evaluation and based on this evaluation you will be provided with an  individualized program that includes correctives and 8 weeks of training.

-Initial Evaluation- FMS, Y-Blance, strength and capacity screening.

-Correctives- One-on-one session with a trainer to review all exercises in 8 week program

-Email access to personal trainer

-Access to private Facebook page


Initial Evaluation plus 8 week program: $249

New 8 week program Design: $149

Our Facility 

Our facility is not equipped like your cookbook gym.  We have no “weight machines” and no cardio equipment. We focus on natural, functional movements with the use of free weights, kettlebells, ropes, sleds and barbells.



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Meet Our Trainers 

View More: Murph-  Jordan earned his bachelors degree in exercise physiology from Ohio Dominican University, while also playing varsity football for all four years. Jordan completed his internship with the ODU in their strength and conditioning and athletic training department. He is also a crossfit instructor here in area. Certifications- USA Weightlifting 1



Courtney Chae- Courtney Chae is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Education and a major in Sports Management. In her spare time, she is also a Crossfit trainer at Crossfit New Albany and holds her Crossfit Level 1. Courtney has a history of involvement in sports and played collegiate softball for a year at Syracuse University. Certifications:  Crossfit Level 1


JT-headshot-1 (1)  Jeff Turner- Jeff is a certified Master Trainer, specializing in functional movement and strength and conditioning.  Jeff is the owner of Fit2Play, where he focuses on developing youth athletes from around the Columbus area.

With a Master in Sport Sciences and additional certifications in MovNat, MCT, FMS, ISSA, and others . . . Jeff is one of the best for enhancing fitness and overall performance.

From 1996 to 2002, Jeff was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer, culminating in a by US Open Cup Championship in 2002.

Today, Jeff  focuses on helping student athletes and weekend warriors to minimize injury and lay the foundation for a lifetime of physical activity. Jeff  also provides VidaFit workshops and movement screens/assessments for businesses and medical practices throughout Greater Columbus.


image1 (4)  Dr. Daniel Leonard- Dr. Leonard has been working with athletes over the last 8 years transitioning them from the rehab process into functional training.  He is Certified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer. 





adam-tobias-profileAdam Tobias- Personal Trainer and Golf Fitness Expert

Adam is originally from Chicago, Illinois.  he has always had a passion for fitness and golf and after playing golf professionally from 1995-2000 he decided to help others reach their potential with golf fitness training.

He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Masters Degree in Home Economics Education through The Ohio State University.

Currently, he teaches golf fitness and mobility classes throughout the week to a wide range of clients, from professional golfers to weekend warriors. His strength lies in adaptability of exercise to fill the clients needs.