At home exercises are essential to our patient-centered approach here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint. Research has continued to prove the combination of manual therapy and exercise instruction provides better clinical outcomes than either intervention used alone.  In order to increase the efficacy of our care we provide specific exercises for your condition. Unfortunately, most in office and at home exercises are predetermined and even at times demonstrated by someone with little to no training. For example, someone with back pain might get the back pain exercise “protocol” with includes standard core exercises and hamstring stretches. This cookie cutter approach to recommendations does not meet the needs of every patient with back pain, specificity needs to be greater.

Our exercise recommendation will be based on your body and your current condition. Dr. Leonard uses a state of the art prescription system that allows us to email you your at home individualized exercise program. Each video is detailed in the exercise desired and how to progress as you get accustomed to the program.  As you progress through care you will be given more challenging exercises where upon your discharge you will be equipped with the necessary tools to maintain the progress you earned in the office.

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