Neck pain is a condition that effects a large percentage of our population and can come in many different forms. One common condition that we see her at Central Ohio Spine and Joint is Cervical (neck) disc herniation’s.  Usually occurring the 30-50 year old population, the majority of cases are the result of cumulative stress/trauma over time and occur spontaneously.


Most cases of disc herniations in the neck are also accompanied with arm pain and or numbness and tingling.  This is the result of irritation to the nerves that travel down the arm.  Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint we get exception results with patient that suffer from disc herniations and the vast majority of cases do not have to undergo surgery. We use a combination of therapies in the management of cervical disc hernations, including:

McKenzie Method


Cervical Spine Decompression Therapy

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization