The cervical section of the spine, more commonly referred to as the “neck” can have a number of different causes of dysfunction and or pain.  Arthritis is a term that has been widely used and widely miss understood. Arthritis of the cervical spine is for the most past a normal part of the aging process.  Research has shown that genetics plays a large part in the presence of arthritis in the spine it self. 

We also no that trauma whether it is one incidence or the combination of repetitive micro trauma can increase the likely of developing arthritis is any joint, especially the spine.  We try and educate our patients on the presence of arthritic changes and how it may effect their daily life.

Research is crystal clear on the notion that motion is essential when talking about arthritis. We focus on getting proper motion into the joints in order to keep them functioning as they were designed to do.

Services that help manage Cervical Arthritis.