As a Strength, Conditioning and Fitness Coach for over 20 years I’ve worked with a lot of therapists and physicians throughout my career. I consider Dr Leonard more of a partner than a doc I refer to. Every one of my athletes that has been treated by Dr Leonard returned to the field pain free, equally important is he found the “why” which enabled me to create the exercises to keep my athletes healthy. The collaboration between the two of us has been incredible.

Personally, I had a two year shoulder thing that he was able to treat, get me pain free and back to training within a few weeks. My daughter suffered a couple injuries during her senior season of lacrosse and doc was able to get her back on the field without missing a practice or game. In fact, she was coming in for treatment in between playoff games and ended the season pain free. Because she was healthy she was able to take the summer and prepare for her long-term goal of playing Division 1 lacrosse and was able to show up fit to play.

If you would like to discuss my working relationship with Dr Leonard or if I can answer any questions, please contact me at

Jeff Turner, Fitness Coach

  • Master of Sports Sciences
  • MovNat Certification Team Instructor
  • FMS Certified
  • Rock Doc, FMT Level 1&2


I first saw Dr. Leonard in early June after I had woken up with some minor pain, numbness and overall weakness in my left shoulder. From day one, Dr. Leonard was thorough in his evaluation, meticulous in his diagnosis, and exceptional in his treatment of my injury. Throughout the whole process, he was unique in the ability to explain what certain exercises, stretches, and further evaluations accomplished in the steps to recovery. He was able to breakdown high level medical terms and explains them so that I understood. I felt comfortable and well-informed throughout my whole time with Dr. Leonard.

My abnormalities in my shoulder have subsided since my initial visit with Dr. Leonard and I can certainly attest my swift recovery to Dr. Leonard’s extensive knowledge of how the body, muscles, and nerves operate. I truly appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to receive care and treatment under Dr. Leonard and highly recommend anyone to his practice.

Nate S.


I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease 12 years ago. Doctors either wanted to cut me open or drug me. Neither option appealed to me so I tried my boss’ chiropractor. I saw him for two years and he helped keep things from getting worse. For maintenance I saw him once a month, until he informed me that he was moving his office near Kentucky to be near his wife’s family. Good for him and his wife… not so good for me and my back. I ended up trying 3 different chiropractor’s at the Farabaugh Chiropractice Office with mixed results. They seemed to have a set treatment that they wanted to do (very little adjustment, lots of stim) and even when I told them it wasn’t working they would only say I needed to come more frequently… (it’s not helping at all and you’re solution is to do it more often… uh… no.)

Farabaugh Chiropractice also seemed very worried about payment. I had insurance, insurance paid them but they frequently made comments like, “well, we will submit this to your insurance” like they were personally doing me a favor. I often had an account credit balance because my insurance paid them exactly what I said it would, but they never seemed to believe me. I eventually realized that a good chiropractor is very hard to find, I had gotten lucky once and I would probably never find another.

In May 2013, my back started getting worse. By June, I was calling my family doctor (out of town) and running out of ideas when I decided to try Yelp. I had found many different types of businesses… why not a chiropractor? I found four candidates, followed links to their websites and I selected Performance Sports & Spine Center based on their whole body approach.

I was in a good deal of pain during my first visit. Doctor Leonard evaluated my walk and performed a combination of typical chiropractic techniques that I was familiar with, like the drop table, and some different techniques. I would describe them as range of motion in conjunction with applied pressure points (with what feels like 3-4 fingers pressing on an area.) I was a little unsure about the new techniques until I walked to my car after the appointment and noticed that I had considerably less pain. During the next 5 visits he continued both techniques and worked with my on adding core strengthening exercises to my existing exercise regimen. On the 7th visit I told him about my hip pain (since my back was feeling much better) and he did some additional range of motion/applied pressure point techniques. I was honestly amazed at how much better my hip felt. The next few days was a pain free as I had been in years.

I have seen Doctor Leonard 13 times over the last 10 weeks and every time I have left his office with less pain. That never happened with any other chiropractor, even my first chiropractor that I thought was so good. Doctor Leonard has never made any promises (he certainly never promised me immediate pain relief every visit… that has been a pleasant surprise), only that he would work with me to help minimize my pain and suggest exercises to help strengthen of my core. I have also never felt financially pressured or made to feel guilty about my insurance coverage at Performance Sports & Spine Center.

After my fifth visit a co-worker was complaining of some neck problems and I referred her to Doctor Leonard. She used to work for a chiropractor and has pretty tough standards. She has seen him several times and has become a regular patient like me. In my personal life I recommend Doctor Leonard to anyone that needs a chiropractor. I only hope that he doesn’t move out of town.

Dave M.


As a United States Marine, the physical demands on the body are constant. While home on leave, I was able to visit Dr. Leonard, and the results were immediately noticeable in relieving my back and neck pain. I have since seen improvements in my mobility and physical performance. Not only is it a great environment at Performance Sports & Spine Center, but Dr. Leonard’s knowledge and professionalism make his office the right choice for any athlete, or anyone seeking the many services provided.

Kyle N.


Dr. Leonard is one of the most genuine and doctors I’ve ever worked with. I had upper back and chest pains that were unexplainable and really frustrating, but Dr. Leonard was able to give me relief after seeing two other doctors that couldn’t help me. I truly value a doctor that physically takes care of themselves and can give you the knowledge and care that you deserve. I’d recommend Performance Sports and Spine to anyone!

Kelli F.


I am a working mom of 2 great kids. My husband and I own our own business, plus farm full time. As you can imagine our sleep is very precious! When my 9 month old was waking 4 and 5 times a night screaming for seemingly no reason, I turned to Dr. Dan for help. After just ONE appointment and adjustment he is sleeping 8+ hours EVERY night! The office is very clean, the staff is friendly and I have NEVER had to wait more than 15 minutes. Dr. Dan is GREAT with kids and takes the time to explain things so that I understand exactly what he is doing. This mom gives Performance Sports and Spine 2 thumbs up!!

Sara G.


I was in a car accident about 6 months ago. Traveled from Doctor to Doctor looking for relief for my neck and back pain without being dependent on pain medications. I went back to my family physician ready to give up, I have tried everything.

When she brought up the word “Chiropractor” I was a real skeptic that this could really help., but she finally convinced me to give it a chance.

I am so glad I did, because his treatment plan has giving me the most relief I have felt in months. I am now on my way back to recovery.

I am now a Believer!

“THANK YOU” Dr. Leonard for giving my life back.

Pamela M.