Here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint we are committed to working with the best of the best. We have worked years to establish partnerships with the best physicians and companies in Central Ohio that promote wellness.  Our promise to our patients is to provide them with the best care possible, at times this involves referring out to our trusted partners.  If you have questions on any of our partners please do not hesitate to ask!


VidaFit is an expert-led, results-based wellness company. We offer a holistic, in-home wellness solution (Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, Kitchen Coaching, Message Therapy, and Health Coaching) to busy professionals and cancer survivors on a ‘Pay-for-Results’ basis.

The foundation of Videfit is the True-Food-delivery program.  Which  comprises of organic, gluten-free meals delivered fresh.Whether you are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle or in the greatest shape of your life, eating the right food at the right time can be a huge challenge.  We’ve done the leg work so you eat healthy, every day with ease.


The Human Form – The Human Form Fitness facility is a holistic fitness studio focused on providing the highest quality training for the individual.  HFF provides a number of fitness classes from group training to one-on-one.  Each client is personally evaluated prior to joining in order to identify fitness needs and to tailor a program specific to them.

fit to play

Fit 2 Play was started by Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Jeff Turner.  After witnessing huge gaps in training methods for student athletes, we created Fit2Play in 1997. We knew we could minimize injury and increase performance by quickly assessing the athlete or team — then dosing the right amount of the right stuff at the right time.

A Long-term Approach to Fitness

We developed a practical, systematic and long-term approach.

Here’s How We Do It:

  • First we get clear on the goal.
  • We develop a plan based on the assessments of movement and performance and the goal.
  • Implement and continue to check the gauges along the way.


Dr. Anup Kanodia is a conventionally trained MD with advanced, specialized training in alternative, integrative and functional medicine.

At Kanodia MD  we focus on getting to the root cause of your health condition. We combine the best of science based medicine with lifestyle change, nutrition, specialized lab testing, targeted supplementation and stress management.

custom footwerks

Xtreme Footwerks is a world renowned custom orthotic laboratory owned and operated with Shawn Eno.  We work closely with Shawn to provide our patients with the highest quality custom orthotics available.


The Columbus Running Company is our local running shop and expert show fitting establishment. We work closely with CRC and our patients in order to fit their specific body type and physical needs to a perfect shoe.