Jordan Murph, CFSC

My name is Jordan Murph, I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I formed a passion for training and eating healthy during my high school days. I went from a skinny athletic kid growing up, to a fat and out of shape high school freshman. I knew in order to keep up with my competition I needed to take my nutrition and training more serious. Those big changes allowed me to play varsity for 3 different sports andeventually on to the college level. I played college football at Ohio Dominican University where I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. Once I got done playing college ball, I lost the passion/motivation of going to the gym and eating healthy. I knew I needed to establish a new purpose to ignite that passion again! While finishing up in school I had a uncle that suffered a severe stroke and I saw how that completely changed him. That really scared me because I knew I would eventually inherit those health risk if I didn’t make any changes RIGHT NOW. I was scared for my personal health but I was more scared for my family’s health. I needed to change the culture that developed in my family. That’s when I knew that being a trainer is truly what I wanted to do with my life. Once I found my purpose, I started to obsess over gaining more knowledge in the health and fitness game. Over the past two years, I’ve achieved the following certifications: USAW-1, Functional Movement System, and CFSC-1. I plan on earning more in the near future. I’m on a mission of changing lives, so I’ve been soaking in as much knowledge as I can.