For the vast majority of patients that consult our office for neck and back pain, they respond to the traditional treatments like manipulation, manual therapy, and exercises and can be managed non-surgically.  Obviously, there are cases that walk in the door and their best option is surgery, and we refer them immediately on.  For those patients that may be suffering from a severe disk herniation or are non-responsive to initial care but are still non-surgical cases, we truly have the best treatment option in Columbus.

Lumbar (and cervical) Decompression Therapy (LDT) is one of the fastest growing and effective therapies available today for the non-surgical treatment of herniated/bulging discs, arthritis, and non-responsive mechanical low back pain. Our office combines the best of chiropractic therapy with the best of medical technology by offering three types of decompression, the DRS system, the Accu-Spina System, and the Triton System by Chattanooga.

Accu-Spina is the most contemporary system on the market today and combines Intervertebral Disc Dynamincs (IDD) with oscillation and heat.  Although results vary, most patients with severe herniated discs or troubling chronic pain literally feel some degree of relief from the very first treatment.

What’s the   difference between VAX-D, DRS and Accu-Spina?Accu-Spina and DRS are the same technology as VAX-D, but different   manufacturers. Our office is one of the first clinics in the entire city to   incorporate this technology. The results we’ve been obtaining and the   surgeries we’ve been preventing have been nothing short of unbelievable.Accu-Spina differs from VAX-D in four important ways:

  1. Accu-Spina patients find treatment more comfortable by laying on the back with the knees bent. VAX-D patients lay on the stomach with arms reaching above the head to hold onto bars… a very uncomfortable position for some patients.
  2. Accu-Spina has oscillation (micro-massage) built right in providing a more comfortable treatment.
  3. Accu-Spina has a heating element built in, again providing extra comfort.
  4. Accu-Spina provides for varying angles of decompression instead of a static linear traction effect.

If you are seeking an alternative to surgery, or you are simply sick and tired of chronic low back pain, give our office a call. A thorough consultation and examination will determine if you are a candidate for this specific technology. We only accept those patients we truly feel we can help.

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