Our chiropractic physicians at Central Ohio Spine and Joint have developed uniquely effective treatment protocols that address your personal goals. Dr. Daniel Leonard is the clinic director at Central Ohio Spine and Joint.  We are among Central Ohio’s most highly trained, qualified, and sought-after chiropractic offices.  We are well-known for groundbreaking, medically sound treatment techniques, and customized care plans to help patients meet their specific goals.

Our exceptional team uses the most advanced, evidence-based medical science to care for patients in pain. With a unique combination of chiropractic medicine, rehabilitation therapy, and our experience with musculoskeletal pain, we have made a big difference in the lives of our patients. We can make a difference in your life, too.  Check out our current treatment options.

Why choose Central Ohio Spine and Joint?

Our office focuses on tailoring care to meet the needs of each patient.  We focus on active care and empowering each patient in an attempt to develop a “self care” mind set

“I strive to maintain an evidence based, patient centered approach to my practice.  My model and treatment approach has always followed the current multimodal literature. A functional approach to assessing and treating musculoskeletal pathology has always made sense to me. This has served as a great base for my learning and over the years I have been able to implement techniques which allow me to assess a patient with a very thorough, comprehensive outlook. This has enabled me to triage patients and categorize them into the treatment model which best fits their case.   I have worked hard to educate myself and familiarize myself with the current trends in all aspects of musculoskeletal care including surgery, pain management, and physical therapy. I feel it is my responsibility to understand the language between professions and this has in turn made me a more efficient clinician and better suited to manage my patients.”

“I continue to work hard to master my skills and challenge my knowledge base.  My desire to provide the best care will always drive me to dedicate time everyday to studying and practicing. The competitive side of my sports background is very influential and will continue to push me to work towards becoming the best.”

                              -Daniel B. Leonard, DC Clinic Director Central Ohio Spine and Joint