Continuing education is one of our main core values here at Central Ohio Spine and Joint and something we invest heavily on each year. In fact, or providers average over 150 hours of continuing education each year (we are required to only have 36 hours over a two year period…yes, we are over achievers).  This past weekend Dr. Brett Stefan had the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the golf industry.

Here is his recap of the weekend….

As much as I enjoy being at the clinic with our patients, getting out into the world… Cleveland… is always a good way to change things up a bit. Luckily, I was attending a seminar hosted by the Titleist Performance Institute(TPI) in which I was able to get a deeper look into how golf performance is taken into the next level and learn the screening and application process into how I can help our patients and local golfers in the Columbus area. How does this happen you may ask? 3D video and analysis, dynamic weight training and functional movements, physical screens looking for limitations in motion or muscle weakness, the list goes on! These are all of the tools the guys on Tour use and now, with a few exceptions, I am able to bring these tools of analysis and performance enhancement back to our clinic to put into action. The group of instructors at this event were amazing. As they each hold their own practices, gyms and instruction clinics back on the Left Coast in San Diego at the headquarters of TPI, they also teach around the world as their next stop is Japan!


Titleist Performance Institute


Dave Phillips, lead swing instructor and co-founder of TPI, is a hoot and above all, extremely knowledgeable in not only the golf swing, fitness and power but also in the likes of golf business, country club efficiency, powerful/motivational speaker and podcast extraordinaire. Lance Gill, owner of LG Performance and lead speaker and educator for TPI seminars, leads the daily interaction with a precisely informative yet intriguing routine. He makes the new and complex information an easy concept to understand, as well as, apply to the ever confusing golf swing. And finally, but definitely not last, there is Jason Glass. Phenomenal personality and wit, this Canuck dumps a slew of fitness and physical screen mind bombs that not only make perfect sense in relationship to common sense and the golf swing but you wonder why you haven’t thought of that before! The guys did a wonderful job and I can’t wait to make it to the next seminar.

As Spring rapidly approaches, although we will probably get snow in April here in Ohio, golf no longer is something you need to wait for. With the Top 10 golfers in the Official World Golf rankings being all but 2 under 6 feet tall and just 1 over 200 lbs., they BOMB their drives easily over 300 yards. How? Club head speed. Where does this come from? Power. How do they get this? Training year round, the right way! As a golfer myself, I hate putting the sticks in the closet for months on end or even the satisfaction of hitting in a heated bay is not all that fun when the sky is dark and cold or the ground is white. Continue your game into the gym, not aimlessly doing the work outs you learned as a child from your gym teacher or the crazy terminology you see on the internet, but with proper, specific and efficient exercises you were personally prescribed from a physical screen that was simple to complete and informative to how your body can actually move. The TPI physical screen is a tool that produces information and with that information, we train your body to move as optimally as it is capable and transfer that into the golf swing your coach sees fit for you. The swing coach, fitness instructor and medical expert complete the team to take care of the pros.

You can have that same team, all you have to do it ask!